As everyone is aware, 2009 was a very challenging year for our country. Insurance companies were among the most seriously affected. Despite significant challenges, Sentinel Life moved forward with our planned growth strategy. We completed development of a new line of Final Expense products called New Vantagesm.

This new line adds a graded benefit insurance plan to complement our newly revised Whole Life and Modified benefit policies. The company has made the decision to enter another senior market, Medicare Supplement Insurance. It is our belief that the synergy created by the combination of these two insurance lines will allow Sentinel to grow at a rate significantly greater than ever before, without the Surplus drain that has plagued our growth in the past.

Even with the costs involved in the development of new products, and significantly higher than average claims, the company produced a net gain before taxes of $445,000. This gain was offset, however, by the loss of investments, such as General Motors and others, representing approximately one percent of our total assets.

Sentinel Security Life, remains strong and vibrant through one of the most serious financial downturns in memory. We look forward with excitement to the growth opportunities in serving the seniors of our great nation.

I would like to express my appreciation to the entire home office staff for their willing attitude to embrace our new direction. The untold hours of hard work and dedication by your home office, especially our Vice President, Dan Acker, deserve the gratitude of all who have interest in Sentinel’s success.

Earl L. Tate


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